Art as aesthetic humanity criteria is at stake. The academic references are theories that should parameterize past and present, however, society vulgarly probes the legitimacy of the current market with the innocuous specialization given aimlessly on social medias.


This exordium presents multiple interpretations, not only concerning the artistic "making" but also the current conception of aesthetics, the art market and even the artists.


Art as an object of business should not be news flash, although it is still a fad defining patronage as avaricious; galleries and artists in conflict inside a distancing market. Living of art is almost heresy for the ongoing validators of art requires login and password, defining mundanely what is and what is not. In the necessary distance to comprehend the present aesthetics content, there is a confusion of tastes and subjects, eloquently delivered to the winds of mass communication.


It is worth inviting for a debate of ideas and analysis about the market of art, about current preconceptions towards artists and their pieces, about the collectors' market, about contemporary critiques, about the struggle to make art for the market, about living of art.


a contemporary appraisal in development.

13.04 — Call for paper

27.07 — Deadline for proposal sending

10.08 — Acceptance note

09.09 — Camera ready text deadline

12, 13 e 14.10 — Encounter

 We are still searching for the proper venue, which must be strongly connected to the theme. However it is already set that this year it will take place in São Paulo. Should you like to propose any specific place, please get in contact with us - org [at] ciantec [dot] net












  • The proposals format for this CIANTEC will be Poster, full paper and essay;
  • The languages accepted are, Portuguese, English and Castilian (Spanish);
  • Every proposal will be blinded reviewed, the results accepts no appeal;
  • The selection begins with the abstract (300 words) to be electronically filled by the contact author until July 27th of 2018;
  • All the final version of the accepted proposals will be part of the digital indexed proceedings (ISBN);
  • The camera ready of the accepted proposals, must be sent enclosed to the until September 9th 2018;
  • ATTENTION: A three minute video presenting the paper should be sent at the moment of the registration. The video must preferably MP4 (H.264) with 10mb maximum.
  • The registration will be made by article and by author, for it is individual and related to a single article;
  • Each proposal must have a single contact author, without any relation to how many articles the author is part of;
  • FULL PAPERS: The camera-ready articles, must have a maximum of 5500 words, in Arial 11, 1.5 line space, 3cm left and top margins, 2 cm right and bottom, end notes accepted only. All the files must be sent in DOC, DOCX or RTF formats;
  • References must be restricted to the 5 more relevant at the end of the file, exceeding will be deleted. Citations should follow the format (Author, Year, Page);
  • Each article may have two images, with the largest side of 10cm, 100 DPI and the format PNG. Besides the images embedded on the article with due credits and subtitles, they should also be sent as files for a better final quality;
  • ESSAYS AND POSTERS: All the same rules apply for the camera-ready files of essays and posters, but in 2500 words with no images;
  • Posters to be displayed should be handed to the coordination in the morning of first day of the event – October 12th 2018. Any doubts should be addressed by e-mail;
  • The printing, the design and the final quality of the posters are responsibility of the authors. The posters must be 100x100 cm and also includes title, authors and institution related to. Every poster must be ready for display.



This invitation is open for everyone, academics or not, artists or the ones who play art, gallerists and professionals of art who can, and want to, contribute on narrowing the relations between academia and market, attenuating more and more the possible changes for the comprehension of the present moment, and into making a better tomorrow.


Come, join us, share your ideas, researches and perceptions of the world.


The ideas will be gathered, and never restricted to groups like:



  • Communication: Design / Media / Technology / Market / Trends / Consumption.



  • Society, Culture and Art: Space of/to Art / Appropriation / Creative Processes / Aesthetics / Identity.



  • Contemporary Art Education: Curatorship / Mediation / Education / Production / Artists / Public.



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