The power of terror as creative inspiration:

Children of mundane contemporaneity.


The oppression and social pressures are evident on a daily basis, perhaps once again, but in a coercive and abusive way. Communication power on social media escalates uncertainties, fears and unstoppable insecurities, bordering mass hysteria. The responses to theses conditions appear in cultural scenes, in the arts, in the activisms, in civil consciousness or yet in the lack of it.

Expressions always proliferate facing impediments. These moments are not differen. Moments of crisis engender new manifestations. But it also changes the environment and the people in it. What are the echoes detected in the culture? This theme aims to allude to the  reality, the discrimination, the values of these beings, debating how contemporaneity and its chronicles are being shaped into a new aesthetic.

Join us in this new gathering, share your ideas and researches.

The thoughts are assembled as follows, but not restricted to: